Frequently Asked Questions

Please read this page before contacting me about a tattoo. Not having to answer each and every question in detail allows me to spend more time drawing & tattooing and less time typing! If your questions are not answered here, include them in your contact form or email. Thank you! 

The Basics

Do you accept credit/debit? Yes!

How much do you charge? / What are your rates? My rate is 150/hr and applies to tattoos that take more than one session to complete. Some single-session work may be charged hourly. Other single-session tattoos (those that fall into the two-hours-or-less category) are priced by the piece. Keep in mind the tattoo process is fluid. While I do my best to give accurate pricing estimates, sometimes circumstances arise that can't be predicted. Estimates given via email, over the phone, or in person are not guaranteed. 

What is your minimum? At the private studio you can expect to spend at least $100-150. // Union 3 Tattoo has a shop minimum of $80.

What is your deposit policy? The amount you pay up front (usually $60-100) secures your appointment time and is deducted from the final cost of the tattoo. If a tattoo takes multiple sessions, the deposit comes off at the time of your last session.

Deposits are nonrefundable. 24 hours notice via email is required to reschedule an appointment while keeping the original deposit on the books. If too short notice is given, or you do not show for your appointment, your deposit is forfeited. Multiple attempts at rescheduling, even with ample notice, will result in forfeited deposit.

UPDATE TO DEPOSIT POLICY EFFECTIVE MARCH 1st: Deposits are now required prior to consultations. If a consultation results in the decision (by the client or the artist) not to go forward with the tattoo, the deposit is charged as a consultation fee (not refunded). If a client makes changes to the tattoo concept after the consultation is concluded, an additional deposit (and consultation) may be required before moving forward with the tattoo.

Can I bring someone with me? To your tattoo appointment, yes! But please limit to one guest. No more than one adult may sit with you while you get tattooed. **Children under age 18 are not permitted.** For the sake of communicating clearly, without distractions, please do not bring a guest with you to a consultation

Can I get a tattoo if I'm under 18? Not here. Not even with parental consent. You must be 18+ with valid ID present to get tattooed at the private studio and at Union 3 Tattoo. Forms of valid ID include: drivers license, state ID, passport, and military ID. **note: the above are NOT valid if expired.** 

Where is your studio located? The private studio is near Main & Liberty in Ann Arbor. The exact address and instructions for entering the building are given upon confirmation of your appointment. For information about Union 3 Tattoo, click HERE.

More Questions Answered

If I already have a design, will you tattoo it? It depends on the design and who created it. **I will NOT replicate anyone else's tattoo, a flash design, or other artwork taken from the internet without permission.** Otherwise, send the image file with your contact email and we’ll work out the details from there.

I want a small, simple tattoo and don't want to schedule weeks in advance. Can I still get it from you? Come see me at Union 3 Tattoo on Saturdays! I'm happy to tattoo symbols, state outlines, initials, etc. as long as I have the time available. I also love tattooing the flash designs we have around the shop. You don't need an appointment. Just call ahead and see if I've got time that day!

Will you do a cover-up? Yes. However, covering old work sometimes requires leaving specific design choices up to the artist. I ask that you come in with an open mind. Start by thinking about what you would LIKE to see in place of the old tattoo, not what you think is going to work. We can then go over the possibilities together. If you choose to inquire about a cover-up, please email *clear* pictures of the old tattoo, including the area around it.  

// FAQ section is in progress. I will continue to update here as common questions come up. //

How to care for your new tattoo!

  1. Bandage Time: Keep your bandage on for at least 4-6 hours, or overnight.

  2. Wash & Dry: When you remove your bandage, wash immediately with fragrance-free, antibacterial liquid soap & water. (No bar soap or anything with heavy fragrances). Be thorough, but gentle. Be sure to wash off any excess ointment and plasma. Blot the area with a new paper towel or a clean towel and let air dry.

  3. Moisturize: Wash once per day and wear clean comfortable clothing. Avoid straps that cut across the fresh tattoo if possible. Moisturize when the area is visibly dry, feels tight, or is itchy (usually about 3-4 days after getting tattooed) using a mild balm or lotion. When moisturizing, use only a small amount and apply only as needed to alleviate itching (once or twice a day for most).

  4. Healing time: Usually 2 weeks. Avoid swimming, soaking, saunas, and sunbathing/tanning during this time.

  5. Concerns? Contact your tattoo artist with any post-tattoo questions! We are here to help. Infection is rare, but if you show signs (red streaks, discharge, fever) consult a physician.

    How to use Saniderm - follow link for instructions if you were given Saniderm (a clear film) as a bandage.